Continuous Machinery Survey (CMS) Opening for Report

Open-up inspection of cms items under Surveyor’s Attendance: 1. Main diesel engine: ◆Cylinder Covers ◆Cylinder Liners ◆Pistons (Piston Pins and Piston Rods to be accompanied) ◆Crosshead Pins and their Bearings ◆Connecting Rods ◆Crank Pins and their Bearings ◆Crank Journals and their Bearings ◆Camshafts and their Driving Gears ◆Turbo-Chargers ◆Auxiliary Blowers ◆Air Inter-Coolers ◆Attached essential Pumps and Coolers (e.g. Bilge Pumps, L.O. Pumps, F.O. Pumps, Cooling Water Pumps, Hyd. Oil Pumps for Electric Control System) 2. Diesel engines used for driving Main Generators, important auxiliaries for main propulsion of the ship and those for the safety of life and the ship. However confirmatory survey may only be acceptable when the surveyor can confirm the followings by the record and/or photograph. (a) The engine was completely opened up and a careful examination was made on all Cylinder units ◆Cylinder Liners ◆Cylinder Covers ◆Cylinder Cover valves ◆Piston ◆Piston Rings ◆Connecting Rods and Top and Bottom end bearings ◆Piston Pins ◆Camshaft Driving Gear ◆Turbo-Chargers ◆Air Intercoolers ◆Crankcase and Crankcase Doors ◆Engine foundation bolts, and Crankcase Safety valves. (b) All main bearings were taken out for examination. (c) An examination was made on all crankpins and journals to detect cracks, especially at fillets and areas in the vicinity of oil holes, and oil grooves of the crankshaft. (d) Crank web deflections were measured and recorded. (e) Wear-downs of the cylinder liners were measured and recorded. (f) L.O. Coolers attached to the Engine and Pumps (L.O. Pumps, Cooling Water Pumps, etc.) of direct driven type were opened up and examined. (g) The service hours of crankpin bolts were checked and recorded. 3. Shafting Shafting Shafting: ◆Thrust shaft & bearing ◆Intermediate shafts & bearings 4. Auxiliary machinery: ◆Air compressors ◆Pumps ◆Heat Exchangers ◆Deck Machinery ◆Evaporators 5. Air reservoirs (Main, Aux, Control, General Service, Emergency) 6. Cargo Refrigerating Installation: (a) Ref. compressors (b) Condenser Cooling Water Pumps (c) Primary Refrigerant Pumps (d) Brine Pumps (e) Condenser (f) Evaporators, etc. PMT TECHNOLOGY SERVICE TRADING CO., LTD (PMT) provide the service across Viet Nam, Cambodia ports at Ho chi minh, Hai phong, Quang Ninh, Cam Pha, Cai Lan, Ha Long, Hon Gai, Nghi Son, Cua Lo, Vung Ang, Hon la, Chan May, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Dung Quat, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Vung Tau, Phu My, Cai Mep, Can Tho, Koh Kong, Sihanoukville..